ASIN ACU senzory

ADS – Detection systems

Detection systems for garages and boiler houses.
Detektors and concentration transmitters
of hydrocarbons and toxic gases and vapours.

APT – Pool Water Treatment

Automats for the control of the pool water quality.
Membrane probes for free and total chlorine.
Reagents for the chlorine and oxygen disinfection.
Disinfection by the electrolysis of salt water.


AGA – Gas Analyzers

Infrared, electrochemical and semiconductor analyzers of gases and vapours.
Biogas and landfill gas analyzers. VOC analyzers.

ART – Ripening Technology

Technology of the controlled bananas ripening. Ethylene generators.
Automats for the control of ripening processes.

aseko exterier


Our company started in 1991 in Prague and in the 1999 we moved to our new building in Vestec near Prague. This move made possibility to fully expand in development and research activities. In 2015 we went through major reconstruction to further expand our production capacity.
We are the manufacturing and development company of detection systems, gas analyzers and ripening technology. In recent years we also start the development of our own pool water treatment technology. We are trying to be leading developers in our part of industry. We are trying to bring fresh design and solutions in this industry sector where it is not seen too often. Every year we introduce some new products or at least add some new features to our existing range of products. Just to be able to offer our customers best possible product.
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